PROVEN ROADMAP to the biggest cash injection 
your business has ever seen
6 weeks to the biggest cash injection your business has ever seen
Launches can be the lifeblood of a thriving business.

The fast track to a future stream of sales, clients and major cash money.

The superpowered jet fuel that propels your business forward to an abundant new atmosphere.

   ….if you know what you’re doing.
Launches can be the lifeblood of a thriving business.

The fast track to a future stream of sales, clients and major cash money.

The superpowered jet fuel that propels your business forward to an abundant new atmosphere.

   ….if you know what you’re doing.
The Rocket Launcher Lab is your easily repeatable and hella profitable formula for having stress-free, sold-out launches 
without a single kitchen floor breakdown in sight. #nowaterproofmascaranecessary
For most people, launching looks a 
lil’ something like this: 
From start to finish, you feel like you’re tossing spaghetti at the wall. You haven’t filled your one-on-one coaching offer yet, so you’re looking to your launch to basically save your butt. But that desperate energy behind the screen? It must be scaring people away, because those sales numbers just aren’t adding up the way you hoped. 

You took a total stab in the dark and picked your offer out of thin air, hoping that this is the lucky one that’s gonna wow the pants off your audience and get them to sign up to work with you. But secretly, you don’t even know if anyone even wants the dang thing, much less if they’re willing to hand over their hard earned dollars to you to join it.

You can feel your palms sweat as you send that launch announcement email to your list and maybe put up a single post on social.

....Then, you wait.

...And wait.

....And wait.

And cry.

And low-key feel like a total failure.

And wait some more. #prematureaging 

You’ve got a looooooot riding on the line here, don’t you? So you’re creeping on your own Gmail inbox like a straight-up stalker, compulsively refreshing hoping that maybe just maybe when it reloads there will be like 15 orders there waiting for you, and you’ll ride off into the sunset with a purse full of Benjamins and Bad Bunny on your arm. 

But the orders never come, and Bad Bunny won’t even answer your DMs.

🙃 You don’t know why nobody’s buying. 

🙃 You can’t figure out where you went wrong. 

🙃 And you don’t know how to do it differently next time to get better results.

 I feel you, sistah. 

Yes, launching can be a straight shot to serious financial freedom, but when you’re making it up as you go, it’s more like falling on your face than launching into orbit.

👏🏼You wish you had a proven process to follow.

👏🏻A launch plan that actually worked.

👏🏽And a mentor to ask when you get stuck.
I’m Isabella, and I’m basically obsessed with launching 💁🏽‍♀️
Warning: what I’m about to share with you might make you a tad jelly. That’s OK. I promise this story has a happy ending for you too. 
Since starting my business I have traveled the world, moved into my dream home, and gave my dog (Mr.Cash) a better life 

I’m not a trust fund baby. Not even close. I’m just a curvy Cuban American chick from Miami who made the decision to go for it in her business. No looking back. No apologizing. And not letting anything stand in my way.

Because I’m all about that transparent life, lemme drop some numbers for you real quick:

In 2017, I made $17,000. In 2018, that number soared to $177K. And in 2019, I leaped to $750,000. 

So what changed between then and now? And how can you repeat my success yourself?

⭐️The answer is: launching.

What’s my secret, Guava Girl™?

✅ I think big.
✅I dream big.
✅And I launch big.

By studying launching until I got it down to a science, I’ve been able to scale my business, stay in my zone of genius and make a boatload of extra money💰

When you lift-off inside the Rocket Launcher Lab, you’re on a one-way mission to:
  •  Successfully scaling your programs, filling your coaching and creating passive income, so you can finally give yourself the time + financial freedom you’ve been craving
  •  The boatload of confidence you need to raise your prices, charge your worth, and sell the eff out at that new rate   #highticketclientsonly
  • Building a lifelong audience who waits at the edge of their seat for you to drop your latest and greatest course
  •  Taking back control over your business as you charter a new course towards more clients, more sales and more time spent away from your computer
  •  Positioning yourself as the expert, thought leader and influencer you want to be
  •  Injecting your business with more cash than you’ve ever allowed yourself to have...until now 
Check out 
the Rocket Launcher Lab Flight Plan
Check out 
the Rocket Launcher Lab Flight Plan: 
Launch Philosophy 101
If you want to launch to a new level, you need to start on the ground. That’s why we’re kicking off the Rocket Launcher Lab by getting crystal clear on your big why as you set your intentions, let go of your limits, and laser in on your goals.
 🚀 Setting pure intentions, release attachment +  expectations
 🚀Launching & Success Mindset
 🚀Introduction to Launches + Scaling Strategy

Value $497 

Included in The Rocket Launcher Lab
What’s the secret to writing copy that converts? Knowing your customer better than they know themselves. Their desires. Their secrets. The pain points that feel like a twisty knife in their back. What will push them over the edge. In Module 2, you’ll discover how to become an expert wordsmith and irresistible sales person, so your audience will have no choice but to buy whatever you’re selling. 
⭐️Results-Driven Market Research
⭐️AS/IF - THAT/YOU Copywriting Mastery
⭐️ Converting Social Media Posts

Value $497 

Included in The Rocket Launcher Lab
Formulating the Perfect (And Scalable) Offer
In Module 3, you’ll get your hand on the proven Product Suite Formula. This is the Secret Krabby Patty Recipe for creating gotta-have-’em offers, don’t-you-need-this downsells, and impossible-to-ignore upsells. P.S. If you’re not following this formula, guaranteed you’re leaving money on the table.
 💎Scalable Product Formula Suite
💎Upsell & Downsell Cycling

Value $497

Included in The Rocket Launcher Lab

Fueling Up Your Launch Rocket
Rockets won’t fly without fuel in their tank, and launches won’t take off without a warm audience. In Module 4, we’re getting all your content marketing and launch planning ducks happy and in a row, so you can start your launch with the fire you need to fly.
💖The Launch Checklist
💖 Day-to-Day Launch Strategy
💖 Sales Email Formulation (templates included!)
💖 Metrics Tracker Sheet

Value $497 

Included in The Rocket Launcher Lab
Becoming A Sales Call Closer
What do you need to say on a sales call to take them from “hello” to “how can I work with you”? How do you handle any objection that’s thrown your way elegantly and without being a total slimeball? How do you release attachment to the outcome so you can go from fearing your sales calls to just enjoying the process? It’s all waiting for you inside Module 5.
 📞The Qualified Client Journey
📞 Guava Flow Sales Script
📞 The Objection Bible + Closing & Collecting Payment

Value $497 

Included in The Rocket Launcher Lab
Mission Control Support
Our final module is all Action, Action, Action. This is where the rubber hits the road and your launch breaks through the stratosphere as you put out your offer in real time to real people and make real sales. Even better? You’ll learn how to plan your launches 3-6 months out, so you can lather, rinse, and repeat your success time and time again.
💰Setting up your 6-Month Launch Calendar
💰 Longterm Scaling + Financial Planning

Value $497 

Included in The Rocket Launcher Lab
Profitable Passive Income
Passive income isn’t a dream, doll. It’s your new reality once you learn how to solidify, scale and profit passively. I consider myself a queen of passive income with over 5+ successful 100% passive products that generate over $15,000 a month completely organically. In this bonus module, I will walk you step-by-step on how you can do the same inside your business
• The Passive Income Compass
• 3 MUST-HAVES for Passive Income
• Introduction to Email Sequencing

Value $497 

Included in The Rocket Launcher Lab
The Rocket Launcher Lab gives you: 

6 Proven, Profitable Launch Modules

you can take all the way to the bank 

1 Monthly Facebook Livestream Q &A sessions

where you’ll receive real-time feedback and support for all your burning launch questions #welaunchtogetherwestaytogether

*every month to ask Coach Isabella your launch questions via Facebook Livestream 

Forever and ever access to the program

— so you can launch like hot shit each and every time

Lifetime Membership inside The Rocket Launcher Lab Facebook Community

Full of Guava Girls™ just like you who are ready to rock it to the moon and back & coaches inside to support you anytime you need. 


 I've made over 100K in passive income alone, and there is definitely a science to it.
I included a bonus module ALL about Passive Income. Starting it, building it, selling it + how to
make consistent sales from it 🤓
($500 VALUE)

Masterful document of every possible objection that someone can bring to you when they are thinking about joining your program as well as every single response to empower them through the decision
($200 VALUE)

Yep! You are getting an exact sequence of emails that helped me generate over 100K in sales the past year. I've debated sharing this asset with you but I figured, if I want the Rocket Launcher babes to get the BEST results, a perfected sales email template + example is the best way to ensure success!
($200 VALUE)

TOTAL VALUE: $4,900+ 


👉🏽 ...Gain access to 6 profitable modules

👉🏽 ...lifetime membership inside the Facebook Alum Community. 

👉🏽 ...monthly Q&A livestream with Isabella

👉🏽 ...alllllll the yummy bonuses

👉🏽...& network with your fellow launch ladies 

show me the payment options Isabella 👇🏽
NORMALLY: $1,897

⭐️💖 SIGN UP NOW FOR: $997 💖⭐️
Save $$$ by paying in full! 
One time payment of $997
Modules dripped Monthly 
3 monthly payments of $387
I’ve seen the ins + outs of Isabella’s launch playbook— mind. blown. 

She teaches the perfect blend of nitty gritty strategy + abundant energy so that entrepreneurs at any level can create major success! 

If you’re lucky enough to have Isabella as a launching mentor, prepare to level UP and light-speed levels "
 - Marie Wold, Online Business Coach
Isabella's launching masterclass was SO worth the investment and time. Isabella is down to earth, relatable, hilarious, and genuinely cares about the success of your business. She totally revamped my programs, helped me with my pricing, and gave me the excitement I needed to step up my game. Now that I am 100% clear on my offers, and I have a laid out strategy to follow, I’m no longer terrified of putting my programs out there. There’s no more confusion, and no more of me wasting day after day trying to come up with a strategy on my own. Now that I have a plan, I can spend more time connecting with audience, nurturing my clients, and racking in the big bucks at the same time 
 - Natalie Malafronte, Online Fitness Coach
After binging almost every episode of Isabella's podcast, I knew I needed to work with her asap. I had been looking for someone to help me scale my blogging business and feel more confident as a coach. I knew my stuff but just didn't know the process of selling myself without sounding sleazy. I feel WAY more confident after our call (and after watching all the modules in the Vault) and can't wait to start making BIG sales! Thank you Isabella! Can't wait to continue to learn from your greatness!
 - Jamie Silva, Food Blogger & Blogger Biz Coach
The Rocket Launcher 
is for you if: 
  •  You want to have your BIGGEST launch yet — without the overwhelm, anxiety or kitchen floor meltdowns 
  •  You’d love to have enough cash in the bizbank account to outsource the tedious tasks and stay in your zone of genius

  •  You’re desperate for a smooth, stress-free launch that grows your audience, changes people’s lives, and fills your bag with a whole lotta cold hard cash

  •  You want to laser in on your signature offer that you can sell today, tomorrow, next week, next year, next decade 

  •  You crave the confidence and financial security that comes from a successful program launch 
Don’t board the 
Rocket Launcher Lab if: 
  •   You love the drama of running out of cash, the ups and downs of inconsistent sales and always being within a few dollars of eviction

  •   You think you know all the launching secrets, and there’s nothing left for you to learn. 

  •   You hate money and clients and sales for some reason

  •   You believe that what you’ve got now is as good as it can possibly get for you #sadface
Save $$$ by paying in full! 
One time payment of $997
Modules dripped Monthly 
3 monthly payments of $387
Your approach to launching is the bomb dot com, the cat's pajamas, and any other analogy I could think of that expresses how excellent my experience was learning and being coached by you. On a serious note, it was extremely informative, helpful, and eye opening. It was EXACTLY what I needed to hear right now in my business and I am so thankful to have been a part of it. My favorite takeaway was that you didn't just tell us WHAT to do, you showed us HOW to do it. You provided tangible guidance, strategies, and blueprints that we could start implementing right away to hit the ground running. The clarity I gained was immense and I am so excited for what's to come. I am confident that this training will be one of the monumental key turning points in the future growth of my business. 
-  Joannah Konecny, Online Nutritionist
“I went to Isabella for help on launching my 1:1 coaching program and my spots got COMPLETELY filled! I still have 5 more sales calls too. I can not thank Isabella enough for her amazing guidance!”
 - Em Haas, Online Fitness + Wellness Coach 
“My Launch Strategy Session with Isabella was incredible. She gave me clear, definitive steps as to what direction to take in my coaching biz, but also took into account MY vision for my business, and gave me clear, realistic strategy to meet my goals. I felt empowered and excited after the call, and that momentum carried me to the point that I more than made my investment back! I have now made over $5,000 more than my initial investment. Work with Isabella-She'll change your life.”
- Topsie Vandenbosch, Online Therapist & Mindset Coach
Got questions? I’ve got answers:
What is the Rocket Launcher Lab? 
A: The Rocket Launcher Lab is a 6-week long coaching and course hybrid program for entrepreneurs who want to dive deep into their offers, build out the perfect launch plan, and finally have their biggest launch yet. After having my own $100K launches and teaching more than 100 students how to launch themselves, I’ve condensed launching down a science. Now I’m sharing the same roadmap with you inside the Rocket Launcher Lab. 
How much live support will I get? 
A: The Rocket Launcher Lab is not a private coaching program, but it is your one-stop shop for learning how to launch bigger + better than you ever have before. The Facebook Community is Alumni-Supported and Isabella will do 1 monthly q+a livestream to aid in your launches each month - kinda a steal.
Why should I invest in the Rocket Launcher Lab?  
A: The Rocket Launcher Lab is specifically designed to make YOU money by helping you sell more of your programs, passive income products and coaching. If you’re struggling to sell on your own and you don’t join the Rocket Launcher Lab, you’re probably leaving thousands of dollars on the table every. single. month. 
Should I choose Rocket Launcher or Guavaboss Mastermind? 
A: Guavaboss Mastermind is my 12-week high-touch group coaching intensive. If you are already reaching 3k-5k months in your business, I would suggest GBM. However, Rocket Launcher Lab is ideal for any online entrepreneur who wants to have their biggest launch YET. GBM is more than twice the investment as RLL, so it is really up to you & how much support you would like to have in your business. 
I have a question that isn’t listed here. Isabella, can you help? 
If you still have questions, pop us over an email at 
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